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Solid Advice on Selling Your Silver and Why It's Worth Doing It

Do you have some old jewelry laying around you no longer wear? Did you recently inherit some after the passing of a family member? Are you low on funds and need to cash in quick?

Don't sit on those silver pieces. Selling silver or any precious metals can turn you a much-needed profit.

Read on to learn more about selling your silver, and why you should.

Silver Investment

Though the precious metals markets fluctuate, financial analysts consider gold and silver safe long-term investments because the price rarely drops.

This means that all of your grandmother's silver jewelry you inherited is likely worth a whole deal more than what she paid for it.

Investing in silver never means to hold onto it forever. As with all investments, you are looking to turn a profit. If you don't sell when the market is high, you'll risk the maximum return on your investment.

Free Up Space

Even if you consider the rise and fall of the markets, selling your silver is never a bad idea. There are better times than others, but why hold on to stuff you don't use?

We go through life and we gather so much stuff along the way. So much, in fact, our drawers, basements, and attics are crammed with it. Some of it holds monetary value, some sentimental. Why not unload some of it?

Selling silver jewelry is a great way to declutter.

If It's Broke, Don't Fix It

Sell it!

Given the always high demand for precious metals, there are merchants who will happily buy your broken silver jewelry.

These pieces, while no longer functional, still hold considerable monetary value. If you need a quick buck, sell your broken silver.

High Demand

Right now, demand is high for silver, especially sterling silver.

Sterling Silver is an alloy that contains 92.5 percent silver with 7.5 percent of another metal, usually copper.

Rings, necklaces, watches crafted from sterling silver are common and command a decent demand.

Interest is high in other sterling silver items like tea sets, trays, and flatware.

You may have these items long unused in a cabinet or curio. Maybe they're in a box wrapped in newspaper. Don't let them languish. There are plenty of interested buyers.

Current Market Conditions

Of all the reasons to sell your silver, market conditions are the most important.

Did you know the price of silver spiked 30 percent so far in 2020?

The market is hot for precious metals, especially silver. Market analysts currently predict that silver will soon price higher than gold.

As consumer confidence increases after the Covid-19 lockdown protocols, silver consumption is expected to be sky high.

Right now, the coming months will be the best time to sell your silver to maximize your profit.

Selling Silver

Selling silver is as easy as its ever been. If you are near one of our locations, stop in with your valuables and we will appraise them.

We are also happy to offer you a free online custom quote for your silver items.

Don't delay. Find out how much your silver is worth.

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Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson
Jun 12

Fantastic article! I appreciate the solid advice on selling silver. I know how much value can be tied up in unused jewelry and household items. Your points about market conditions and the high demand for sterling silver were particularly eye-opening. It's great to know that even broken pieces can be sold for a good profit.

As a precious metal investor, I have many silver and gold coins and i started investing at the age of 23. I've bought coins from various dealers like APMEX, JM Bullion, and Bold Precious Metals, and they've given me discounts sometimes. My recent purchase with Bold Precious Metals was good. Can you please suggest some more precious metals dealers in America? Thank you

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