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NJ Sterling Silver Tea Set

The Best Way to Sell Gold and Silver Items in New Jersey

We buy gold items and silver items such as vintage tea sets and antique silverware. Visit one of our friendly locations in New Jersey to sell yours.

We Offer You More for Your Silver and Gold Items Than Anyone Else

There is a huge demand for beautiful pieces made from silver and gold. If you have any of these items and you no longer want them, we’d love to offer you cash. We accept new, used, and antique tea sets, trays, and more in any condition.

Our silver and gold experts have the in-depth knowledge needed to determine how much your items are worth. Because we know more than our competitors, we can offer you the most money guaranteed. Please call us at  973.428.1900 to sell silver items and gold items in New Jersey today. 

We Buy Sterling Silver
Jewelry Evaluation NJ

How Our Superior Evaluation Process Works

Step One: Show Us Your Silver and Gold Items

Bring us your gold and silver items to get started. If you don’t live locally, you can mail your items to us. We provide complimentary FedEx shipping insured up to $25,000.

Step Two: We Examine Your Items

We don’t simply weigh your items. Our experts will carefully and gently evaluate them by hand to determine purity and quality so we can offer the best price.

Sterling Silver for Cash
Sell Gold Bullion NJ

Step Three: Get Cash Same Day

Once you have accepted our risk-free, no-obligation price, we will give you a check or cash the same day for your convenience.

Sell Gold and Silver Items in New Jersey

If you have silver and gold items that you no longer want, we’d love to take a look at them. Visit us to get the absolute best price for your stuff guaranteed. 

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We Buy Sterling Silver NJ


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