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Fundraisers & Parties

Host a GOLD Party Fundraising Event!

We can help you raise funds for any cause. An American Gold & Diamond Buyers event is a great new idea for any fundraiser. Why?


Most fundraisers ask people to either purchase something or make a donation. At an American Gold & Diamond Buyers fundraiser, participants are not asked to donate money or even time. Instead, they receive cash for unwanted gold, and we will make a sizable donation to your cause. It is truly a win-win situation!


An American Gold & Diamond Gold Buyers GOLD party is a simple and easy way to raise serious money for your good cause!

Darryl Gay of American Gold



Step 1:

Please fill out the brief form below or give us a call to get started!


Step 2:

Invite members & friends of your charity to come to the event. American Gold & Diamond Buyers will help your committee plan the entire event! Best of all, your charity incurs no expense for hosting the event at all!


Step 3:

Everyone will receive top dollar for their gold jewelry. After the qualified* fundraiser, we will donate 10% to 20% of all jewelry purchased to your charity or organization!

At your gold party fundraiser, guests bring their old or unwanted jewelry to the party. Our professional jewelers will appraise each item, and guests receive instant payments. A minimum of 10% of the value of all the jewelry purchased will be given to your charity at the end of the party! You'll be amazed by how much money your charity can raise in just one evening by selling old jewelry that guests have had lying around their house for years that they never wear!


Gold Party Charity Fundraising Events are a success with:

  • Churches & Religious Institutions

  • Sports Teams, Associations and Clubs

  • Trip Fundraisers

  • Elementary, Middle and High Schools

  • Corporate-Sponsored Charity Events

  • Benefits for individuals needing medical assistance

  • Youth Groups, Civic Groups, and more!

Gold Party

Contact Us Today About Hosting Your Gold Party Charity Fundraiser

We guarantee a highly enjoyable, fun, and completely satisfactory experience! *Purchases must exceed $1,000 to qualify as a fundraiser.

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