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Broken Jewelry

Turn Your Broken Jewelry into Instant Cash in New Jersey

Get the highest value for your broken and unwanted jewelry at American Gold and Diamond Buyers.

We Pay Top Dollar for Your Broken Jewelry

Even broken jewelry can hold significant value. If you have damaged or unwanted pieces made from silver or gold, we’re here to offer you cash. We accept a wide range of items, including new, used, and antique broken jewelry, regardless of condition.


Our team of silver and gold experts has the specialized knowledge to accurately assess the worth of your items. Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise, we can offer you the highest prices in the market. Contact us today at 973.428.1900 to turn your broken jewelry into cash in New Jersey.

Broken Luxury Watch for Cash
Broken Silver Bracelet for Cash

Discover Our Superior Evaluation Process

Step One: Show Us Your Broken Jewelry

Bring us your broken jewelry to get started. If you don’t live locally, you can mail your items to us. We provide complimentary FedEx shipping insured up to $25,000.

Step Two: Expert Evaluation

We go beyond simple weighing. Our specialists meticulously evaluate your items by hand, assessing purity and quality to ensure we offer you the highest possible price.

Broken Jewelry
Broken Bullion

Step Three: Get Cash Same Day

Once you have accepted our risk-free, no-obligation price, we will give you a check or cash the same day for your convenience.

Sell Broken Jewelry in New Jersey

If you have broken jewelry that you no longer need, we’d love to evaluate it. Visit us to receive the best price for your damaged pieces, guaranteed.

Sell Gold Online
Cash for Broken Jewelry


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