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We Buy Diamonds & Diamond Jewelry

In today's market, if you're looking to sell diamonds, we have a reputation for paying the highest possible prices since 1983.

Are you looking to sell diamond rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces? At American Gold & Diamond Buyers, our experienced jewelry buyers can determine how much your diamonds and diamond jewelry is worth and give you an extremely competitive purchase price!

Make an appointment today—and bring in your GIA (or other) certificate when you come in.

Why Sell Diamonds to American Gold & Diamond Buyers?

Our exceptional staff of jewelry and NJ diamond buyers are eager to evaluate your diamonds and offer immediate cash or check payment. We provide a professional and qualified setting with complete privacy and security. If you'd like to sell your diamonds to us by mail, we offer insurance up to $25,000 with tracking at every stage by FedEx. Our NJ diamond buyers can answer your every question about the process immediately, with no obligation to sell.

Diamond Rings NJ
Diamond Ring NJ

How to Sell Your Diamonds with Confidence

American Gold & Diamond Buyers provides an entirely private and secure one-on-one evaluation with no obligation to sell your diamonds to us. Suppose you're not located near one of our New Jersey locations. In that case, we can come to your home, office, or another secure setting to meet with you privately and evaluate your diamond.


Some of the diamond pieces we buy are:

  • Diamond Rings

  • Diamond Earrings

  • Diamond Necklaces

  • Estate Diamonds

  • Diamond Jewelry

  • Engagement Rings

  • Diamond Bracelets

  • Different Diamond Pieces


We'll Buy Your Diamonds NJ

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