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Sell Your Dental Gold

Dental Gold Buyers & Scrap Gold Buyers

At American Gold & Diamond Buyers headquartered in East Hanover, NJ, we buy all sorts of silver and gold for cash. While it's not always the most common thing people sell, we buy dental gold! So, if you're looking to sell dental gold for cash, we'll buy it from you and pay cash...on the spot!

Sell Scrap Dental Gold For Cash Today to Our Buyers

If you've ever had a gold crown put in and later removed, make sure to keep your gold crown! Depending on how much of it you have, you could be sitting on thousands of dollars!

When you have your gold crown in hand and are thinking of selling your dental gold, come visit us at American Gold & Diamond Buyers. Our trained and experience cash for gold experts will weigh and analyze your dental gold.

Based on the purity and weight of the gold, our team will make you a risk-free offer that you can accept and get paid in cash, on the spot!

Sell Dental Gold
Cash for Dental Gold NJ

Get Your Cash For Dental Gold at American Gold & Diamond Buyers of NJ

How much gold or silver metal is in your dental scrap will determine the amount of cash for gold we give you. Also, because the gold and silver values fluctuate daily, what your silver or gold crown is worth today could be very different from what it's worth in six months.

When you decide that you're ready to sell your dental gold for cash, our team of expert gold buyers will test your gold crown so we can identify its purity. Once we determine the purity of the gold, we will then weigh your gold crown and record the results. Based on the gold's purity and weight, we will then let you know what we can pay you for the gold. If you decide that you want to sell and proceed, we'll draft up easy paperwork and give you a choice of being paid in cash or check.

It's a quick, confidential, and simple process.

So, if you have dental gold that has since been removed from your mouth and want to make some extra cash, come to American Gold & Diamond Buyers for some cash for gold!


Selling Dental Crowns
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