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How to Sell Diamonds in NJ

If you want (or need) to sell diamonds in NJ, it's imperative that you handle the process efficiently and effectively. After all, parting with beautiful diamonds is never an easy decision, which is why you owe it to yourself to secure the best outcome.

While many people find it hard to believe that someone would want to sell diamonds, several circumstances may lead you to sell diamond jewelry, such as;

  • The diamond ring is from an engagement or marriage that has ended,

  • You received diamonds as a beneficiary but have no use for them,

  • You need the funds to clear debt or handle increased living costs.

Sell Diamond in NJ

The reasons for selling diamonds in NJ aren't important. What matters is that you gain a quick, convenient, and fair sale. This quick guide will help you achieve the results you deserve.

Call American Gold & Diamond Buyers at (973) 428-1900 to sell your diamonds today!

Commonly Used Methods to Sell Diamonds in NJ

When looking to sell diamonds in New Jersey, there are several possible avenues to consider. Unfortunately, the majority will only deliver limited results. Some of the most common methods, as well as reasons to avoid them, are listed below:

Private Sales

Selling diamonds to a friend, relative, or on eBay may be an excellent option for a quick sale. Sadly, it leaves you open to selling at a far lower price than you could get elsewhere. Meanwhile, the buyer may want a refund if they decide the diamond isn't for them.

Pawn Shop Sales

Pawn shops will provide access to quick cash and remove the risk of buyers wanting a refund. However, pawn shops work on buying items at a very low price so they can sell them for a profit. So, it won't be the best option for your finances.

Jewelry Shop Sales

A jewelry store will complete an inspection of your diamond(s) using the 4 Cs. This route will often secure a better price than what is offered by a pawn shop. However, it is still likely to result in a lower price than what diamond jewelry is trading for.

There Is A Better Way To Sell Diamonds

Sell Diamond in NJ

While the above methods will help you sell your diamonds, the truth is that you could do better. Dedicated diamond buyers like American Gold & Diamond Buyers will also analyze the diamonds and offer a cash price on the spot. Our focus is on building long-lasting relationships with our clients who sell us diamonds, enabling us to provide the best cash price offer you will gain.

When you sell diamonds to our American Gold & Diamond Buyers experts, a simple four-step process can help you turn your diamonds into cash today. Here's all you need to know about selling diamonds to us:

Arrange Your Appointment

The first step to selling your diamonds in NJ is to call our store and arrange an appointment with a diamond expert today. Alternatively, we do accept walk-ins too. However, you may have to wait a few minutes for one of our professional valuers to become available.

Present Your Diamonds

Whether selling loose diamonds or diamond jewelry, it doesn't matter; American Gold & Diamond Buyers will happily make an offer on single items and multiple pieces. As a seller, you have complete control over whether you want to sell every product or just a part of the collection.

Have Your Diamonds Analyzed

One of our experts will interpret your diamonds and GIA certification. If you have the original box and receipt for the diamond jewelry, it is worth presenting these items too. Following the appraisal, you will receive your cash offer for individual items and the collection.

Get Paid

If you decide to accept the offer, you will be paid cash there and then. You will give the ownership of the diamonds to American Gold & Diamond Buyers. Of course, if you reject the offer on any of your diamonds, they will remain yours, and we'll remain friends.

Why Sell Diamonds With A Diamonds Buyer?

Once you have decided to sell your diamonds in NJ, the diamond buyers route is the best solution for many reasons. First and foremost, verified buyers who specialize in diamonds will offer a fair price based on the quality of the diamonds you are hoping to sell.

As well as securing a fair price, this sales method will deliver various benefits. You will gain;

  • A fast transaction with a cash payment.

  • Freedom from potential refunds.

  • Peace of mind from choosing the best path.

Most people looking to sell diamonds lack experience, making the process very daunting. By working with a certified buyer, the chances of reaching the right conclusion most conveniently are significantly increased.

Sell Diamonds Online

If you live in New Jersey, arranging an appointment to sell your diamonds to American Gold & Diamond Buyers at one of our stores is the most common option. However, we can also offer an online service to sellers in NJ and beyond.

The process is essentially unchanged. We will still analyze the diamonds with a full appraisal and offer a fair price. Likewise, you will not be obligated to finalize the sale if you change your mind. Using the online process, you will need to;

  • Provide details about the diamonds, including GIA certificates.

  • Take some photos for us to inspect.

  • Decide whether to accept our initial offer.

  • Send the diamonds to us for analysis and a finalized offer.

  • Receive your payment (or returned rings if you reject) from us.

It is slightly longer as you must mail the diamonds to us. However, we provide insurance on the courier service, removing your fears of losing your assets.

Whether you intend to sell diamonds online or in person, American Gold & Diamond Buyers will provide the fast and fair service you deserve. Contact (973) 428-1900 to start the process or get your offer.

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