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How Much Is My Engagement Ring Worth?

The average cost of an engagement ring in 2021 ranged from $4,770 to $5,580. Whether you're thinking, "my engagement ring needs an upgrade,' or 'how much is my engagement ring worth,' it's essential to understand how to value it.

This article discusses how engagement rings are assigned a value before you start your search for 'where to sell my engagement ring near me.'

Selling Your Engagement Ring

Continue reading so you're prepared when you're ready to sell your engagement ring.

Determining the Quality

Before answering, 'how much is my engagement ring worth,' you need to ask yourself, 'what is the quality of my engagement ring?' To answer this, we can look at the four c's of diamonds: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.


If you're wondering 'should I sell my engagement ring,' your first consideration to determine 'how much is my engagement ring worth' should be the cut. The diamond's cut is crucial because it gives the diamond its beauty.

The cut creates symmetry, angles, brilliance, and more. The best cuts give the diamond a sparkly and shiny appearance, and the cut is graded as either excellent, very good, good, fair, or poor. This grading directly impacts the value of engagement rings.


Before you start searching, 'where to sell my engagement ring near me,' take a look at the color of your diamond to help determine its worth. Colors range from a brown and yellow tint to colorless.

The less tinted the diamond appears, the higher its value and grade. Color is graded with a letter ranging from D to Z. The best and most valuable diamonds receive a letter D for a grade.


You may think, 'clarity is related to the color of my engagement ring,' but it's related to imperfections. Clarity is rated from FL/IF, which indicates a flawless appearance while I2, indicates the most imperfections.

Carat Weight

Some people think the term 'carat' refers to the size of the diamond when it refers to the weight. Carat weight is a vital aspect to consider when researching 'how to sell my engagement ring.'

Two diamonds of the same carat can be two different sizes depending on their cut. For this reason, cut is often considered more important than the carat weight when determining value.

Sell My Engagement Ring Near Me

When you're ready to find a place to 'sell my engagement ring near me,' bring it to a reputable company. They'll be able to closely examine your engagement ring and finally answer the question, 'how much is my engagement ring worth?'

This process is crucial since you can't fully ascertain the value of engagement rings without a close inspection. This ensures you receive the correct payout.

Obtaining My Engagement Ring Value

Get a head start on obtaining my engagement ring value. See if you can obtain the information on the four c's of diamonds, so you know what to expect when you bring it in for valuation.

Visit our showroom today for a free assessment of your engagement ring.

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