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How to Sell Your Watch for Top Dollar: 8 Need-to-Know Tips

People that love watches exhaust all of their resources when buying their latest pieces. Whenever you have a watch that you're trying to unload, you need to know the best tips for selling it and getting a return on your investment.

We'd be happy to help you out. If you need to sell your watch, use the tips in this article.

1. Know What Kind of Watch You are Selling

To the layman, a watch is a watch. This couldn't be furthest from the truth if you know what you're looking at.

There are several different kinds of watch styles and builds that you should know about. Some watch styles include mechanical watches, automatic watches, divers, dress watches, chronographs, and quartz watches.

Each watch has style as a history and a variety of characteristics that make them unique. People that collect watches have favorite types that they enjoy. Please get to know the history of your watch so that you can sell it successfully.

2. Get the Watch Appraised so That You Know the Value

You also need to know how much your watch is worth. To find out your watch's market value, you should take it to an expert watch shop to get it appraised.

These professionals know their watches and have experience handling all of the different brands, from luxury watches to daily wear. During the appraisal, they will test it for its mechanical quality, aesthetic uniqueness, how the watch was made, when it was made, which manufacturer produced it, and more.

After the appraisal, you will come away with a price or price range that you can expect to fetch for it on the open market. Keep this appraisal handy, along with a certificate of authenticity, so that your shoppers feel safe and like they're getting quality.

3. Clean the Watch so That It's Presentable and Able to Be Showcased

You need to clean your watch so that it looks presentable in person and photographs. While the gears and hands are hard at work, it's the exterior aesthetics that first draw people in.

Rather than just taking a picture with your cell phone, grab a DSLR camera or get some professional photos taken. This means setting up lighting and backdrops that show contrast and show the watch at its best.

Be sure to take pictures of the box and packaging, the owner's manual, and any accessories that come with the watch.

4. Look Into the Best Outlets for Selling Watches

The best way to sell your watch is by finding the best outlets that match buyers with sellers. Many professional watch shops worldwide post their inventory online so that they can grow their revenue and serve more customers.

When you find a watch marketplace, you will appreciate that both you and your customers are protected. This allows money to exchange hands freely, with recourse if there are any snags.

Posting a listing on these sites will also give your watch more visibility, which increases the likelihood of it getting sold.

5. Sell it in the Description

For a successful sales process, you will need to create a stellar description. This starts with knowing what makes your watch unique.

You need to know the attributes of a quality watch to know what collectors pay attention to. This means listing things like the watch display, style, movement, and power source.

Learn which features make your watch unique, and describe it in a way that would make someone want to add it to their collection. While you shouldn't shy away from selling the watch, make sure that you're also honest about its condition and if there is any damage or imperfections.

Buyers should know what they're getting, and honesty will keep your seller rating high.

6. Name Your Price

When you know what your watch is worth and what condition it's in, you can start to work out an asking price. Find out how many other sellers are pricing the same model watch that you are listing.

You don't need to ask about those watches' condition and whether yours is better or worse. Name an asking price in the listing and have an amount you are willing to counteroffer just in case.

7. Allow Different Payment Options and Include Shipping

Always play to your customer's interests. You are more likely to get a sale if you offer plenty of payment options.

Accept Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards, PayPal, cash in-person, and any other payment options that might suit you. When you're selling a watch online, make sure that you also include shipping costs in the listing.

8. Keep Copies and Documents for Your Records

Make sure you're a responsible seller. The best thing you can do is keep copies of all sales documents and correspondence.

This will help you get the most from your customer service while also having proof of the transaction if anything goes wrong.

Sell Your Watch in the Most Effective Way Possible

These tips will be useful to you whenever you're trying to sell your watch in the most effective way possible. Several watch collectors all over the globe would be happy to make you an offer.

At American Gold and Diamond Buyers, we love purchasing Rolexes and other fine luxury watches from quality watch owners like yourself. We also offer cash for precious metals, broken jewelry, and more. We would be happy to hear from you.

Be sure that you get in touch with us for a free quote on any item you'd like to sell!


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